Monday, August 13, 2018

Sport Guards - Support Our Teachers with their Wish List

The school year is fast approaching, kids are winding up their summer activities and they are getting ready for the school year. Soon, middle school, high school and club sports will begin their summer preparation to get ready for the fall game schedule. 

With any sport, mouth guards help protect your teeth, lips tongue, brain (concussions) and face should be use in practice and games while playing. As sited in the article below, you are 60 times more likely to damage your teeth while playing sports without a mouth guard.

I will never forget my sister’s frantic call to me when her son traumatized his upper right front tooth. Like any good mother, she took photos, sent them to me and asked me what she should do. It was a simple fracture of the front tooth, but it might have been prevented with a sport guard.

Some of the most overlooked sports are cheerleading and chess 😊 – just kidding. Cheerleading has become more and more physical and athletic, and more stunts have become more physically demanding and potentially dangerous. Every athlete may have the potential to damage their teeth and should wear a sport guard. 

Types of Sport Guards


An example of a mouthguard
An example of a sports mouth guard

Sport guards come in many forms from the store. The two most popular are the stock and boil and bite guards. In my opinion, the most effective store bought guards are the “boil and bite” ones. Essentially, you place a heated plastic material in your mouth and mold it to your teeth and gums as it cools. They fit much better and are more comfortable. Properly done these are very effective and easy to replace; especially when your kids are more forgetful and misplace them.

Mold and custom guard made by Apex Dental Group
Dentists can also make comfortable and tight-fitting guards if you are unable to get one to fit well. It’s a very simple appointment: molds of your teeth are taken; the plastic is formed outside of your mouth and they can be ready for you in about one day.

At Apex Dental group, we will be offering greatly reduced sport guards to you and your children. We believe that they are a great value to protect you from the bigger consequences of not having one. 

Helping Our Teachers

Now that our kids are taken care of, we are helping our teachers from elementary school to high school get items that that they need in the classroom. Often these items are on the teachers wish list for parents to buy and generally are not funded by the school.

Through August and Mid-September, we will be gathering these items for our local schools. We want our teachers to be ready for the school year. We will be publishing a list generated by our local school teachers. Your donations can be dropped off at our office. If you would like to provide a gift card, we can use that to purchase these items for you. Walmart and Target cards are preferred to keep costs low.

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  1. Every parents needs to read this. I’ve seen so many traumas that could have been avoided with a mouth guard. Do you make them at your office?

    1. Yes we do make them here! We love to help them out. :-)